COGGNO COURSE OF THE DAY – Week of December 21st


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Human Resources (Monday):Social Media and Sexual Harassment Course
Special Discounted Price = $17.75 (25% discount)

The main objective of this session is to give you an overview of sexual harassment using social media and cell phones. By the time the session is over, you should be able to understand how your use of social media both at and outside of work can be harassment; recognize what an improper text communication is; see that actions taken in the workplace, even with personal electronic equipment, are covered by workplace rules; understand that even personal social networking sites can be the site of harassment; know your rights with respect to personal electronic equipment and social networking accounts; and recognize that harassment comes in many shapes and forms.

Human Resources (Tuesday):Human Centric Process Analysis and Improvement
Special Discounted Price = $112.50 (25% discount)

The Human-Centric Process Analysis and Improvement online training course is a comprehensive educational experience that builds participant skills in analyzing, understanding and improving business processes.
The course teaches how to use Moments of Truth and Hand-Offs to successfully analyze and improve business processes with the benefits of improving:
-Customer Satisfaction
-Operational Cost Savings
-Product / Process Quality
-Employee Morale

Sales & Marketing (Wednesday):Marketing Course For Beginners (Online Course)
Special Discounted Price = $56.25 (25% discount)

This course is designed to help newbies learn marketing and selling skills to improve business sales and profitability. The course covers a range of marketing topics as highlighted below and provides learners with tools for branding, customer retention, internet traffic generation, developing headlines that sell, template for marketing strategy and marketing plan and many more concepts.

Wildcard! (Thursday):Remove Fear Of Height Now Using NLP Techniques (Course)
Special Discounted Price = $21.75 (25% discount)

In this course ‘ Remove Fear Of Height Now Using NLP Techniques ‘ By Pradeep Aggarwal , you will learn simple and powerful NLP and self hypnosis techniques to overcome Acrophobia forever . People usually have extreme fear of height , they feel dizzy , nervous , anxious or scared when looking down from a great height . This fear can be instantly removed using the techniques taught in this course and can also be used to increase your confidence.

Wildcard! (Friday):Botox Injection Training 101 (Course)
Special Discounted Price = $123.75 (25% discount)

Are you ready to add revenue to your practice by providing Botox services?
Start your education with Dr. Katz, who has condensed into this video the practical knowledge needed to jump start your Botox business.
Course topics include:
Needle techniques including sites, needle depths, angles, dilutions and doses. Aesthetic treatments addressing wrinkles and lines on the forehead, glabella, around the eyes, nose, around the mouth, on the chin, and on the neck. Therapeutic treatments including pain from tense muscles including tension headaches, migraines, TMD and facial pain.
Course also includes an interactive cheat sheet, sample post-op, consent & facial pain history forms.
Why learn from Dr. Katz? He is the the inventor named on the patent applications for all the Botulinum toxins (including Botox, Dysport and Xeomin).

Wildcard! (Saturday):Social Media Widgets Essentials
Special Discounted Price = $74.25 (25% discount)

Build a robust and impressive online presence by learning to utilize social media widgets across all your Internet channels. Widgets are the tools that bind the Social Web. Widgets connect social media sites with blogs and websites; add interactivity and advanced features to websites; and help you share your content across the Internet. And widgets are the first step toward a solid integration plan for your entire social media presence.

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