COGGNO COURSE OF THE DAY – Week of December 28th


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Human Resources (Monday):PRIVACY Course
Special Discounted Price = $22.50 (25% discount)

Untrained managers can cross the line when trying to learn more about employee conduct
Is cubicle subject to search by supervisor?
-Defining company property
-E-mail, IM, and Blackberrys
-Dangers of jumping to conclusions
-Employee blogs and confidential information
-Cell-phones and other employee personal property

Human Resources (Tuesday):Discrimination Course
Special Discounted Price = $17.25 (25% discount)

We’re making progress, but prejudice hasn’t been eliminated. Teach your supervisors to make decisions based on legally justifiable factors.
-“Over-qualified” and age discrimination
-Same-race discrimination
-Intention to become pregnant as disqualifier
-Accent concern as national origin discrimination
-Bias against hiring a male candidate
-Applicant age concerns

Sales & Marketing (Wednesday):Facebook Marketing For Small Businesses
Special Discounted Price = $72.75 (25% discount)

Everything you need to know from start to finish about Facebook Marketing For Your Business (Theory & Hands-On Training)

Wildcard! (Thursday):Overcome Social Phobia Using NLP Techniques (Course)
Special Discounted Price = $21.75 (25% discount)

In this course by Pradeep Aggarwal you will learn powerful NLP and self hypnosis techniques to overcome social phobia like nervousness while meeting new people at social events and gatherings or at parties . It is a common problem with lot of people who have fear , anxiety and nervousness when meeting people at social gatherings or in a huge crowd , they feel inferior in front of them and lack self confidence .

Wildcard! (Friday):Change Your State Of Mind Using NLP & Anchoring Techniques (Course)
Special Discounted Price = $21.75 (25% discount)

The course ” Change Your State Of Mind Using NLP And Anchoring Techniques ” by Pradeep Aggarwal teaches you powerful NLP techniques on how to create a mind trigger to get a certain situation, feeling, positive attitude of a past in the current situation to help you achieve your goals faster. You will be able to get positive and confidence feeling of the past in a present tensed situation . You will be able to instantly change your state of mind from negative to positive and a more confident state of mind. In this course you will not only learn how to create mind triggers for yourself but also be able to teach the same to your friends and family.

Wildcard! (Saturday):Social Media Guidelines and Policies
Special Discounted Price = $44.25 (25% discount)

Prepare social media guidelines, policies, and listening programs relevant to your organization while exploring digital ethics issues. Social media guidelines and policies can be as important as your social media plan. Social media policies can keep your organization from making disastrous mistakes on social media channels, and help you adhere to industry regulations. Social media guidelines guide your employees on how to represent your organization online, and help to establish online consistency for your company or brand.

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