COGGNO COURSE OF THE DAY – Week of December 14th


COGGNO COURSE OF THE DAY – Week of December 14th

Human Resources (Monday):Workplace Privacy – What Supervisors Need to Know Course
Special Discounted Price = $17.75 (25% discount)

The main objective of this session is to help you understand workplace privacy rules and balance the rights of your employees with the rights of the organization. By the time the session is over, you should be able to recognize key workplace privacy issues, understand laws and policies concerning workplace privacy, and know how to balance the needs of the organization to control the workplace with the privacy rights of employees.

Human Resources (Tuesday):Documentation Course
Special Discounted Price = $17.75 (25% discount)

Documentation can make or break an employer during a legal dispute with an employee. The importance of sound documentation can’t be overemphasized. In the unfortunate event of an employee lawsuit, it will be your notes that take center stage in the courtroom.

Sales & Marketing (Wednesday):How to Start Email Marketing with Mailchimp
Special Discounted Price = $14.25 (25% discount)

In this course, you will learn about Mailchimp and how to setup your account while respecting Anti-Spam laws and best practices. This basic course will teach you the necessary to start capturing leads and following up with them using an automated system. This course is perfect for people with a website who want to build a relationship with their prospects and clients and market to them. This course can also assist people without a website who would like to create a mailing list or a newsletter to get in touch with their market.

Wildcard! (Thursday):Remove Fear Of Talking To Opposite Sex Using NLP (Course)
Special Discounted Price = $21.75 (25% discount)

In the course ‘ Remove fear Of talking To The Opposite Sec Using NLP ‘ By Pradeep Aggarwal helps students overcome their shyness while talking to the opposite gender. It is a common problem faced by men and women these days, they tend to stammer, feel nervous and show lack of confidence while interacting with the opposite sex, this can be due to many reasons but causes obstacles in their patch of success. In this course you will learn many tricks and techniques to overcome the above stated problem and interact more freely and confidently with the opposite sex .

Wildcard! (Friday):Stop Blushing Now Using NLP Techniques (Course)
Special Discounted Price = $21.75 (25% discount)

In this course by Pradeep Aggarwal , You will learn very powerful and NLP techniques like Anchoring, Mind triggers, circle of excellence, affirmations and visualization to overcome blushing during important situations of life like a business meeting, public speech , social gatherings etc , where you require to be calm, relaxed and confident. We all tend to feel shy and start blushing when the blood flows through our face making it very obvious in front of others . Using these simple techniques you will be able to overcome all of these and feel more confident and happy instantly.

Wildcard! (Saturday):Change Pictures In Your Mind And Change Your Life (Course)
Special Discounted Price = $37.50 (25% discount)

We create pictures in our mind, which controls our thoughts that affects our emotions, which affects our actions and brings good and bad results in our life. This video course will help you change negative pictures into positive pictures and bring the desired results in your life.

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