COGGNO COURSES OF THE WEEK – Week of November 21st

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Monday:  Workplace Harassment — What Employees Need to Know Course

Special Discounted Price = $ 16.10 (30% discount)

There are many forms of harassment—all of them against the law. This session will discuss the kind of harassment that arises from the diversity of the American workforce. It covers harassment on the job because of a person’s race, color, religion, or national or ethnic origin.

Tuesday:  Workplace Harassment – What Supervisors Need to Know Course       

Special Discounted Price = $ 16.10 (30% discount)

The main objective of this session is to help you understand the nature of harassment in the workplace, how you can help prevent it, and what to do if, despite our best efforts, it occurs in our organization.

Wednesday:  How to Prevent Workplace Violence – A Guide for Healthcare Workers Course

Special Discounted Price = $ 16.10 (30% discount)

By the time this session is over, you should be able to realize the risks; identify risk factors; understand the effects of workplace violence; take effective measures to prevent violence; recognize signs of impending violence; and protect yourself in violent situations.

Thursday:  Preventing Sexual Harassment: A Guide for Supervisors Course         

Special Discounted Price = $ 16.10 (30% discount)

This course is about sexual harassment in the workplace. It’s an important subject because sexual harassment is illegal. This workplace also has a formal policy that prohibits sexual harassment in the workplace—a policy you are responsible for enforcing. But beyond laws and policies, sexual harassment is very damaging to the workplace and work environment. This course will cover what sexual harassment is, why it’s so damaging to employees and the organization, and what you can do about it.

Friday:  Preventing Sexual Harassment: A Guide for Employees Course

Special Discounted Price = $ 16.10 (30% discount)

This training course is about sexual harassment in the workplace. It’s an important subject because sexual harassment is a form of illegal discrimination under federal and state civil rights laws. Our workplace also prohibits sexual harassment, both because it is illegal and also because it creates an unproductive, unpleasant, and sometimes even hostile working environment. And that’s not what we want for our workplace or our employees.

Saturday:  Sexual Harassment Prevention for Managers (Course)                            

Special Discounted Price = $ 17.46 (30% discount)

This course explains how to avoid sexual harassment in order to create a pleasant and professional workplace where everyone thrives! As a manager, you have the opportunity to help your employees understand how to avoid sexual harassment. In addition to learning essential information about sexual harassment, through application exercises and a rich multimedia process, you will learn simple, practical strategies to make sure all of your employees are comfortable and productive at work.

Sunday:  Sexual Harassment Course

Special Discounted Price = $ 21.00 (30% discount)

Supervisors have a duty to prevent harassment from happening at your workplace

    Defining quid pro quo and hostile work environment harassment

    What is “pervasive action?”

    Why it’s best to be a hands off manager

    The problem of intention vs perception

    Dangers with supervisor-subordinate relationships

    Supervisors’ duty to step in and stop harassment

    Equal opportunity harasser defense

    Personal liability for supervisor in harassment cases

    Supervisors held to a higher standard of conduct

    Same rules apply

    Don’t read too much into certain gay behavior – might not be harassment

    How supervisors must respond to hazing

    Retaliation concerns

    Oral vs Written warnings for harassment

    Communicating intolerance for harassment and retaliation

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