COGGNO COURSES OF THE WEEK – Week of October 31st

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Monday:  Management Development Learning Track 

Special Discounted Price = $ 109.12 (30% discount)

Much of what managers and supervisors do is solve problems and make decisions. New managers and supervisors, in particular, often solve problems and decisions by reacting to them. They’re “under the gun”, stressed and very short of time. Consequently, when they encounter a new problem or decision they must make, they react with a decision that seemed to work before. It’s easy with this approach to get stuck in a circle of solving the same problem over and over again. Therefore, as a new manager or supervisor, get used to an organized approach to problem solving and decision making.

Tuesday:  Performance Management and Development Toolkit

Special Discounted Price = $ 34.93 (30% discount)

This set of e-learning courseware will solve some of the most common performance management, performance review and development headaches. Turn the one time per year discussions into on-going discussions. Create valuable annual reviews driving development resulting in more motivated employees.

Wednesday:  Leadership Development Learning Track

Special Discounted Price = $ 96.52 (30% discount)

There are several definitions of the term “leadership”, but typically leadership is the activity carried out by supervisors to oversee the productivity and progress of employees who report directly to them. For example, first-level supervisors supervise entry-level employees; middle-managers supervise first-level supervisors; and chief executives supervise middle-managers, etc. Supervision is a management activity and supervisors have a management role in the organization. Leading is different than planning, organizing and coordinating because leading is focused on influencing people, while the other functions are focused on “resources”, in addition to people.

Thursday:  Management Communication Skills Learning Track

Special Discounted Price = $ 55.86 (30% discount)

This learning track contains the following courses: 1. Communication Skills for Managers, 2. Building Trust and Respect, and 3. Delegating Work

Friday:  Becoming a Leader – How to Prepare for a Leadership Role Course

Special Discounted Price = $ 16.10 (30% discount)

If you want to be a leader in the workplace, you need to prepare to assume leadership roles. You must go from being a follower to being a the one who guides, directs, motivates, and manages. This transition takes time, experience, skills, and commitment. But if you want to lead others, you can. This session will tell you how to be ready when the right opportunity comes along.

Saturday:  Crash Course in Leadership Skills Course

Special Discounted Price = $ 16.10 (30% discount)

This session will cover leadership skills. You don’t have to be a supervisor or manager to be a leader at work. Anybody can be a leader by developing a few fundamental leadership skills and cultivating the essential qualities of effective leaders, many of which you probably already possess.

Sunday:  Leadership Skills: What New Supervisors and Managers Need to Know Course

Special Discounted Price = $ 16.10 (30% discount)

This training session covers what it means to be an effective leader and provides you with the information you need to develop first-class leadership skills.

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