COGGNO COURSES OF THE WEEK – Week of December 26th

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Monday: Get Smarter With Goals Course
Special Discounted Price = $ 17.46 (30% discount)

The key isn’t to work harder, it’s to work SMARTER! The SMARTER goal setting system is the evolution of the SMART goal setting system that was introduced in the 1980’s. In this course you will learn how to apply the S.M.A.R.T.E.R. goal setting system. You will understand the definition of each letter of the acronym S.M.A.R.T.E.R. and view real world examples of how it is applied to goal setting. In addition, you will have the opportunity to apply it to set your own goals and apply the methodology. Finally, you will be provided with additional strategies for achieving your goals.

Tuesday: 15SecondResume
Special Discounted Price = $ 69.99 (30% discount)

This training provides you with a complete understanding of the pivotal role your resume plays in the hiring process, from beginning to end, as seen through the recruiter’s and hiring manager’s perspectives.
We will give you the tools to prepare and customize your resume with impact and matching you to the job. Our training will show you how to format your resume to get passed though the latest technology. We do all of this in the most cost effective and timely way available today.

When you complete this training you will be able to separate yourself from the crowd and utilize these resume skills immediately.

Wednesday: 11000 Foundations of Personal Branding
Special Discounted Price = $ 210.00 (30% discount)

Research shows that people make their mind up about you in the in the first few seconds that they meet you – whether it’s online or in person. It’s the way we are hardwired as human beings. It’s a survival instinct.
So, if you make a favorable impression and people like what they see about you, then they will continue to engage with you.  However if you make an unfavorable impression, then people will dismiss you. Why is this important? Well simple put – if you want your career to advance then it’s increasingly critical to have a clearly defined personal brand.

Thursday: Healthy Practices: Nutrition, Exercise, and Safety Course
Special Discounted Price = $ 17.46 (30% discount)

We all know it is important to have healthy habits in our lives, but there is a big difference between knowing, and doing. Through application exercises and a rich multimedia process, this course teaches simple strategies to help you implement simple daily practices that lead to a healthy life.

Friday: Successful Weight Management Course
Special Discounted Price = $ 16.10 (30% discount)

This session will cover some simple steps you can take to manage your weight successfully. If you’re just at the right weight now, these strategies and tips can help you maintain a healthy weight as you age. If you’re a little overweight, what you learn today can help you lose weight and keep it off.

Saturday: Purpose Driven Time Management Course
Special Discounted Price = $ 101.50 (30% discount)

We may have just what you are looking for and it’s called Purpose Driven Time Management.
Purpose Driven Time Management consists of 7 core elements, that when in place “not enough hours in the day” will no longer form part of your vocabulary.

Purpose Driven Time Management is about finding your purpose, looking at the bigger picture, making the most of what and who you have around you and having the ability to say no so that YOU are in control of your life and managing it more effectively.

Sunday: The Law Of Attraction- Attract What You Want In Life Course
Special Discounted Price = $ 20.30 (30% discount)

This course ‘ The Law of Attraction-Attract what you want in life ‘ teaches you how to use law of attraction in your daily life and attract your desired lifestyle, health, life partner, goals etc. It will help you focus on things you want in life and not the things you do not want in your life.

This course will help you accomplish your goals by changing your beliefs, vibrations and words and how to allow the law of attraction make positive changes in your life.

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