COGGNO COURSE OF THE DAY – Week of March 9th 83


Software (Monday): Mastering Excel 2010 (Course) Was $24.00 NOW $18!

mastering excel 2010

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Our most requested training course! Mastering Excel 2010 is a powerful business tool, capable of everything from formatting your grocery list to calculating complex ROI situations. Many people have used Excel, but very few know how to get the most from it. Let our Microsoft Certified Trainers Barbara Evers and Christina Tankersley walk you through everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Microsoft Excel 2010.


Marketing & Social Media (Tuesday): Corporate Identity (MA-002) @ 65.00

Corporate Identity

Many companies and businesspeople think corporate identity is simply a logo. To be truly effective, a corporate identity must seamlessly bring together the design, layout and graphics used internally, and in advertising and sales material. It should also include your company positioning statement, which should present a consistent brand image and message.


Human Resources (Wednesday): Acoso Sexual – Lo que los empleados deben saber (Sexual Harassment – What Employees Need to Know) Course @ $23.00

Preventing Sexual Harassment A Guide for Employees Course

Al terminar esta sesión de capacitación, usted podrá reconocer un acoso sexual, diferenciar entre dos clases principales de acoso, comprender y seguir la política del lugar de trabajo, denunciar incidentes y colaborar en las investigaciones y ayudar a fomentar y mantener un clima de trabajo confortable y productivo.


Health (Thursday): Job Hazard Analysis Course @ 23.00

Social Media and Sexual Harassment Course

The main objective of this session is to make you more familiar with job hazard analysis. By the time this session is over, you will be able to identify the purpose of job hazard analysis (JHA); recognize the benefits of JHA; understand the JHA process; and analyze jobs effectively to detect and correct hazards.


Wildcard! (Friday): 11000 Foundations of Personal Branding Was $300.00 NOW $225!

foundations of personal branding

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Research shows that people make their mind up about you in the in the first few seconds that they meet you – whether it’s online or in person. It’s the way we are hardwired as human beings. It’s a survival instinct.So, if you make a favorable impression and people like what they see about you, then they will continue to engage with you.

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