COGGNO COURSE OF THE DAY – Week of March 2nd

MAR1-SAVE25%Software (Monday):  Microsoft Project 2010 Beginners/Intermediate Training – @ $45.00

Microsoft Project 2010 Beginners Intermediate Training

Are you new to Microsoft Project 2010? Do you need to learn how to use Microsoft Project and keep track of all your projects? During the Learn Microsoft Project 2010 video training course, your professional trainer guides you through project management topics such as task creation, resource management, cost tracking, using WBS codes, critical path reporting, and more.


Marketing & Social Media (Tuesday) : How to Brand Yourself and Your Business @ 97.00


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In this course you will learn a 9-step process to help you brand yourself and your business so you stand out in your industry, and attract the best clients more easily. This course will help you better understand what branding is, why it’s so important for service professionals, and how to do it for yourself. In addition to video lessons, this course includes real world examples, interviews with other service pro’s who have successfully branded themselves, and handouts and worksheets to help you apply what you’re learning to your business.


Human Resources (Wednesday): Hiring Strategies @ $49.50

Hiring Strategies

Successful companies are made up of great employees, so why not hire great employees? Hiring and training employees is an expensive venture. Be sure to hire the right person for the right position. Hiring the right person is more about skills and abilities; it is about finding the right combination of skills, attitude, and fit for your organization’s culture.


Health (Thursday): Formaldehyde Awareness @ 19.00


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Breath easy with a better understanding of working safely around Formaldehyde. This computer-based training module provides information on the history and production of formaldehyde as well as its uses, sources, exposure regulations, the types of formaldehyde, and the effects of exposure to formaldehyde gas.


Wildcard! (Friday): Virtual Team Building & Management(Course) @ $99.00

Virtual Team Building & Management

There are millions of virtual workers as of 2014, and the number is expected to continue climbing well into the future. With a global workforce you are provided with a cost effective and talented pool of employees to draw from. With a virtual team you are given a Follow the Sun production environment.


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