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March 10th and March 24th

What’s New in Office 2013?

A Look at Some of the Exciting New Features in Word, Outlook, Excel and PowerPoint

Date: Tuesday, March 10th
Time: 1:00 pm EST


Presented by:
Pamela Conway, CompuWorks

This webinar will take attendees through a tour of some of the exciting new features found in Word, Outlook, Excel and PowerPoint, in addition to examining some of the features that are new across all of the Office applications.

Attendees also will learn how Office 2013 works closely with Microsoft’s OneDrive for storing files in the cloud. While this seminar is not designed to be a comprehensive guide to all new features, many of the most popular changes will be addressed.

  • Office: Ribbon Display and Optimizing for Touch
  • Office: Task Panes Return
  • Office: Saving to OneDrive
  • Excel: Flash Fill
  • Excel: Quick Analysis
  • Outlook: Preview Messages and Reading Pane
  • Outlook: Interface Changes
  • PowerPoint: Object Formatting
  • PowerPoint: Presenter View
  • Word: New Review Features
  • Word: Editing PDFs

About the presenter:

Pamela ConwayPamela Conway has over 20 years of experience in the technical education field. A graduate of Purdue University, Pamela joined CompuWorks in 1991 as a technical writer and software trainer. After many years providing traditional classroom training and curriculum development, in 2000 she became part of CompuWorks’ management team concentrating on implementing new training modalities and planning training and support projects for Fortune 500 companies and government agencies. Pamela has lectured throughout the United States and Europe.


11 Tips for Improved UST Compliance

Date: Tuesday, March 24th
Time: 1:00 pm EST


Presented by:
Ben Thomas, UST Training

This one-hour live webinar walks trained Class A/B UST operators through eleven ideas on how to improve your operational compliance for your UST system. Learn from UST expert Ben Thomas ideas he’s collected over the years that go beyond the basic UST rules that can save you time, money and headaches.

Who should attend?

  • Anyone who owns or operates a UST system who’s looking for some cost-saving ideas.

About the presenter:

Ben ThomasBen Thomas of UST Training brings over 25 years of UST experience, first as a regulator (Vermont and Alaska) and later as a nationally recognized consultant and trainer. Through his live, webinar and self-paced UST courses, from as far west as Guam and as far east as the Virgin Islands, Ben has trained more Class A, B and C operators and for longer than anyone else in the US. Ben runs the online training business and lives on Whidbey Island near Seattle, WA.


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