COGGNO COURSES OF THE WEEK – Week of October 3rd

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Monday:  Excel 2010 Intermediate Course

Special Discounted Price = $ 21.00 (30% discount)

In this course you will learn how to use multiple worksheets and workbooks efficiently. You will also learn how to create outlines and subtotals, how to create and apply cell names, and how to create and format charts. You will work with templates, collaborate in workbooks and use the drawing tools to enhance and annotate spreadsheets.

Tuesday:  Learn Microsoft Excel 2013 – Advanced

Special Discounted Price = $ 20.30 (30% discount)

This course is designed for students that are already familiar with Excel, but wish to improve their skills and open the possibilities with this versatile spreadsheet program. Bring your basic knowledge of Excel 2013 or previous software versions to this class and learn how to reach the next level of database tracking and reporting.

Wednesday:  Learn Microsoft Excel 2010 Advanced Course

Special Discounted Price = $ 20.30 (30% discount)

Ideal for those seeking to enhance their Excel 2010 knowledge, the Learn Excel 2010 – Advanced by Simon Sez IT is a 7-hour training course covering advanced level Excel topics. Microsoft has added very powerful tools to Excel over previous versions. Understanding these tools will save you time and energy combing through information. Learn how to create eye-catching charts and graphs (formatting axes and gridlines, showing basic trends, complex trends, even trends over time). Learn the differences between the various types of charts, relationships in data, and ways to show differences.

Thursday:  Microsoft Excel 2016 for Beginners – Master the Essentials

Special Discounted Price = $ 20.30 (30% discount)

This course starts with where to find Microsoft Excel and installing the program. Then you learn step-by-step, simple 1-2-3 methods for getting up and running with Excel 2016. Watch just the first few videos to have a basic knowledge of Excel. Then continue through the detailed 32 chapters of video lessons and 9 exercise files to gradually become a proficient user.

Friday:  Learn Microsoft Word 2010

Special Discounted Price = $ 20.30 (30% discount)

Learn Word 2010 by Simon Sez IT, is a 6.75 hour online training course ideal for those new to Microsoft Word  or anyone looking to enhance their Word 2010  skills. The video training program covers the  basics of using this essential word processing tool to more advanced topics.  You will work your way through nineteen chapters, each one adding to the previous, for a comprehensive understanding of Word 2010 and all it has to offer. Starting with creation of a new document, saving, and formatting your document, you will learn about the Ribbon, tabs, and groups and how you can even create your own.

Saturday:  Word 2007 Intermediate Course         

Special Discounted Price = $ 21.00 (30% discount)

This class builds on the skills and concepts taught in Word 2007: Basic. Students will work with styles, sections, and columns. They will format tables, print labels and envelopes, and work with graphics. They will also use document templates, manage document revisions, and work with Web features.

Sunday:  Word 2010 Advanced Course

Special Discounted Price = $ 21.00 (30% discount)

In this course students will create and use forms and create master documents that include a table of contents and a table of figures. They will also create macros, customize the ribbon and Quick Access toolbar, and work with XML documents.  They will work with pictures, the drawing tool, insert diagrams and SmartArt, and work with list.

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