COGGNO COURSES OF THE WEEK – Week of October 17th

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Monday:  The Confident Supervisor – Difficult Conversations Course

Special Discounted Price = $ 21.00 (30% discount)

Like everyone else in an organization, supervisors face times when difficult conversations are necessary. Though the subject matter may vary, the feelings of dread are the same, both for employees receiving the news and the supervisors who must do the dirty work. Those who go into such conversations armed with effective tips and techniques will be far more likely to solve problems than those who dread the confrontation that may be necessary.

Tuesday:  The Confident Supervisor – Managing Conflict Course

Special Discounted Price = $ 21.00 (30% discount)

Certainly all supervisors recognize the seriousness of workplace violence, but how is it addressed in employment laws? The subject is covered under federal law in the Occupational Safety and Health Act’s General Duty Clause. Supervisors play a crucial role in preventing and dealing with violent conflict in the workplace when they’re aware of the employer’s responsibility under the law.

Wednesday:  Conflict Resolution for Employees Course

Special Discounted Price = $ 16.10 (30% discount)

Whether it’s at work, at home, with friends or neighbors, disagreements between people happen. When they do, you need to be able to manage and resolve conflicts successfully to achieve the best outcome for you and for those with whom you are in conflict. During this session we’re going to show you some basic conflict resolution skills and techniques you can use to manage the conflicts in your workplace more effectively.

Thursday:  Conflict Management Skills

Special Discounted Price = $ 17.32 (30% discount)

Managers build their own conflict management skills, as well as learn how to coach employees to manage conflict with others. Learning Track Bundles: Developing Great Work Relationships, Creating Great Teamwork, Conflict Management Skills.

Friday:  Conflict Resolution and Consensus Building Course

Special Discounted Price = $ 16.10 (30% discount)

Workplace conflict may be based on disagreements over work procedures, different needs and interests, clashes of personalities, or a range of other situations and circumstances that lead to confrontations between or among employees. When you know how to build consensus among employees, you can enhance motivation and cooperation as well as create an atmosphere in which agreement generally prevails over conflict.

Saturday:  How to Manage Challenging Employees Course

Special Discounted Price = $ 16.10 (30% discount)

In this training session, we’re going to cover the types of problems you might face with challenging employees and provide you with effective supervisory strategies for handling these difficult workers.

Sunday:  Conflict Resolution (Course)

Special Discounted Price = $ 17.46 (30% discount)

Dealing with conflict in the workplace can be difficult. Seeing a person with whom you have issues every day can be challenging and distracting. Resolving conflicts has a major positive effect on the work environment, making it happier and more productive. Having employees with this conflict resolving quality is an important part of creating a productive workplace. This conflict resolution training course highlights the important aspects of resolving conflicts in the workplace. The course offers a myriad of conflict resolution skills and strategies that will help employees better deal with disputes in the workplace.

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