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Human Resources (Monday): Workplace Harassment – What Supervisors Need to Know Course NOW $17.25!

The main objective of this session is to help you understand the nature of harassment in the workplace, how you can help prevent it, and what to do if, despite our best efforts, it occurs in our organization.

Human Resources (Tuesday): Teambuilding for Supervisors Course NOW $17.25!

This training presentation will teach you techniques for building more effective work teams. At the end of the training session, you will be able to recognize the value of team efforts, identify the characteristics of an effective team, build commitment and cooperation among team members, and use teams effectively to achieve goals.

Human Resources (Wednesday): Progressive Discipline Course NOW $17.25

This training presentation will explain the steps of progressive discipline and help you use this disciplinary system consistently and fairly to manage employee behavior and performance. At the end of the training session, you will be able to apply progressive discipline steps fairly and consistently, identify laws and policy requirements affecting discipline, conduct effective disciplinary meetings, and document disciplinary action properly.

Human Resources (Thursday): Other Harassment Course NOW $22.50!

Educate your managers on non-sexual harassment that’s just as illegal, disruptive and damaging to any organization.

-How to determine if behavior or words constitute harassment

-When to alert HR to harassing behavior

-How to investigate a claim

-Communicating with the harassment victim

-Rules different for supervisors

-Risks of allowing proselytizing

-What you can restrict when it comes to expressing political views

-Avoiding retaliation claims when an employee complains

Wildcard! (Friday): Learn QuickBooks Pro 2014 NOW $33.75!

During this QuickBooks Pro 2014 video training course, learn to use QuickBooks to manage your business’s finances. Your certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor trainer will show how to create accounts to organizing customer, vendor, and item records.

Discover how to setup QuickBooks Pro 2014 for the first time, pay employees, create reports, reconcile, work with sales tax, setup inventory, receive payments, and much more.

Wildcard! (Saturday): Social Media Widgets Essentials NOW $74.25!

Build a robust and impressive online presence by learning to utilize social media widgets across all your Internet channels.

Widgets are the tools that bind the Social Web.

Widgets connect social media sites with blogs and websites; add interactivity and advanced features to websites; and help you share your content across the Internet.

Take advantage of our partnership with Coggno – the internet’s leading provider of corporate online training – and find the training your employees need directly from our website.

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